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Your group, onchain.
Party is the best way to create a group on Ethereum. Gather members, vote on decisions, and experience Ethereum in multiplayer.
Create a Group
With flexible crowdfunding methods
Make Decisions
With on-chain voting and delegation
Take Action
Perform any Ethereum transaction as a Party

Over 9,000 Parties have been used by 55,000 unique wallets to facilitate 10,000 ETH in transactions.
Your Party can do anything.
Collect NFTs
Buy, use, and sell any NFTs on Ethereum
Use DeFi
Access popular DeFi applications directly from your Party
Play Games
Play on-chain games as a team big or small
Create a Group Wallet
Invite friends and use Ethereum together
Start a DAO
Gather members and operate a new DAO on-chain
Run your Project
Crowdfund for your project and and pay contributors
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Party Cards
Introducing…Party Cards
On-chain, transferable Party memberships.
A Party Card is 3 things in 1:
Voting rights Create and vote on proposals, or delegate your votes to someone else
Ownership Claim ETH or tokens from the Party, or sell on any marketplace
Dynamic UI See the latest info about the Party right from your wallet, all on-chain.
Built on:
A powerful, flexible, group coordination protocol
NFT Memberships
Proposal Engines
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Party is built by
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A decentralized software organization building multiplayer crypto software.