A new way to create, collect, and trade.
Your group, onchain.
A group chat with a group wallet that can do anything onchain.
Launch a token
Invest together
Create NFTS
Launch your project
Sendit raised 25 ETH from 522 members to launch the $sendit memecoin. Members are chatting every day about the memecoin’s activity.
Launch a token.
Crowdfund from members to raise ETH via smart contracts. Then create, LP, and distribute tokens to members, all through a decentralized protocol.
Party lets your group
do more together.
Raise ETH using smart contracts.
Every Party has a private group chat just for members.
NFT Memberships
Every user gets an NFT with voting power.
Connect to Apps
Use WalletConnect to use any Ethereum app as a Party.
Keep everyone in the loop with mobile and email notifications.
Vote on proposals to do any transaction onchain.
The leading decentralized protocol for group coordination.
Parties created
Unique users
12,000 ETH
Raised by Parties
Launch your token.
Party provides an easy, fair, and safe way to create a new token.

Raise ETH through smart contracts, with minimum and maximum contribution limits.
Create your token
Create, LP, and distribute a new ERC-20 token to members – all in one click.
Your Party has a private group chat, available on both web and iOS.
Join a room, hang out, and make stuff happen.
Rooms is a version of Party where memberships are bought and sold on a bonding curve.
Get the mobile app.
Chat with all your Parties on the go.