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Your group, onchain.
Party is the best way to create a group on Ethereum. Gather members, vote on decisions, and experience Ethereum in multiplayer.
play games
form a dao
SoulQuest raised money to fund and produce new onchain music. The Party sent money to artists and producers then minted new songs as NFTs.
Create Onchain Media
Parties can create new NFTs using platforms like Zora and Collaborate as a group on a new NFT and have funds from the mint flow back to the Party.
Party gives your group onchain superpowers to
go fast and have fun.
Every Party has a built in private chat room where members can coordinate.
Simple Voting
Vote on proposals to take action onchain. Party keeps it simple with delegation and email notifications.
Get your Party started with a membership mint or an open crowdfund if you need to pool funds.
NFT Memberships
Every Party has NFT memberships that can be customized to reflect your group's visual style.
Connect to Apps
Use WalletConnect to use any Ethereum app as a Party.
Email Notifications
Keep everyone in the loop with automatic email notifications when important activity happens.